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Why is it important to use a sustainable contractor?

Everything that we do day to day has an impact on the environment and we believe that all homes and businesses should strive to have as little an impact on the Earth as possible.  This can be achieved by:

  • Increasing your energy efficiency with the use of new ground breaking technology

  • Replacing old lighting with LED

  • Reducing our light pollution

  • Use of smart technology to reducing our carbon footprint 

Here at One Design Electrical Ltd. we train all our staff to hold the same values as our company director Michael. We are implementing new measures to become as sustainable as possible to protect the environment as much as we can by:

  • Focusing on responsible disposal of material (recycling what’s recyclable, for example)

  • Identifying ways that they can safely re-use products (which also generates cost savings)

  • ​Prioritizing the implementation of new, more sustainable technology

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